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Kelechi Iheanacho Dating Nina and Khloe?

during the Premier League match between Leicester City and Chelsea at The King Power Stadium on September 9, 2017 in Leicester, England.

So, there’s a new rumor flying around.. and it’s targeted at Nigerian footballer, Kelechi Iheanacho, Nina and Khloe.

Although they are rumors and nothing is confirmed yet. But according to info gathered from Stelladimokokurkus.com, Kelechi might just be dating Nina and Khloe. Though the subjects of the reports were cryptic.

Kelechi Iheanacho dating Nina

Read the gist from SDK below:

Now to the Koko of the gist……

There are two new reality celebs dating the same guy but not in the know…..Guy is a footballer and had something intense with the light skinned celeb a few months ago…It is not clear if they are still intimate but they are still in touch and going on well….It is coded so please ssssssshhhhhh.

The second reality celeb is very dark skinned and very loud if you might ask….

She is currently in Dubai (leaving today or tomorrow)having the time of her life with friends amongst whom are that actress that had a Brouhaha with a cab driver,the one who has initials as 4,6,19.

The Reality star is confirmed to be dating the Footballer but the relationship is in the early stages according to her friends…..Well call ’em Frenemies if you like!

The footballer has been giving her a lot of cash and even did so this Morning with her thanking him on face time..he also gave her a lot of cash on her Birthday..A LOT OF CASH…….Love is a beautiful thing right?…Then why is she recording all of their conversations and videos?

Don’t ask me why she is doing this but olofofos have noticed that all her conversations with the Leicester city forward is recorded.
She recently made an emotional Birthday post for lover boy and when it caused some commotion she quickly deleted…

According to the olofofos ”He has another serious relationship in Nigeria but that one is more serious even though she has been nick named footballers wife by her olofofo friends who don’t care that she also has a supposedly serious boyfriend who doesn’t have money to his name…When her friends bring up his topic she shuts them down and looks angrily at them…..Na who holy pass?

Hmmm Stella some of the former housemates are making so much money from men at the moment….Good money”

The footballer paid for her flight to Dubai and extended her hotel three days ago but the two housemates he is supposedly double dating do not know that he is into industry women a lot which was confirmed by the person with initials up there whilst they were gossipping…

The Olofofo continues ” each time they chat I see her always showing off to her friends and has dozens of pictures of him. Two nights ago she only had a bra on while Face timing with him and recording as usual”

The dark skinned reality star was supposed to be headed to the UK to see another of her special friend but was denied visa they say.

The Footballer who is from the 5th largest Nigerian state shares same first name with the crooner whose rich brother is referred to as someone who has Electronic money is rumoured to be doing so bad in his club that he might get the boot soon if care is not taken…..

Kelechi Iheanacho dating Nina

The first reality star supposedly who is the love interest of Mr Footballer recently got busted Online……This Affair was coded so expect denials….

The second reality star is dark skinned and loud,dresses provocatively,very toned body,very smart and pretty and Shares the same name with KK’s sister.

Enjoy the affair but stop recording please….If you lose your phone,wahala go dey because of all the recordings and watch your back cause one of your frenemies is about to make the phone vanish..LOL


  1. dating foreign girls service eHarmony accused of ‘fake news’ after advert ban

    The listing, Which was displayed on a London underground platform in July, pointed out: “Step as well as, hot moldovan women experience. it’s the perfect time science had a go at love,

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  4. pioneers and 8 others sue dating app’s owners

    Co founders of Tinder and eight difficulties and current executives of the popular dating app are suing the service’s current owners, Alleging that they manipulated the valuation of the to deny them of billions of dollars they were owed. The nicely with, Filed Tuesday in state court in ohio, Seeks around $2 billion in damages from Match Group (MTCH) And its parent specialist, IAC/InterActiveCorp (IAC). The plaintiffs are stored by Orin Snyder of Gibson Dunn, Who has represented some of the most popular companies in tech, as well as Facebook, apple and Uber.

    Four of the litigants, Who still work at Tinder, Were put on paid administrative leave by the company on Tuesday, According to a source no stranger to the matter.

    The dispute centers on an analysis of Tinder done in 2017 by Wall Street banks to set a value for commodity received by Sean Rad, A Tinder co initiator, And other beautiful latin girls early salespeople. It also includes an allegation of sexual harassment against Tinder’s former CEO, Greg Blatt.

    IAC issued a statement calling the suit “Meritless” And saying it can “strenuously defend” Itself hostile to it.

    The statement said that Rad and issues executives who left the company a year or more ago “May not like that Tinder has experienced enormous success following their respective departures, But sour grapes alone do not a lawsuit make,

    Tinder’s 2017 assessment was set at $3 billion, Unchanged from a valuation that had been done two years earlier, Despite rapid growth in revenue and users. The suit charges that executives with Match and IAC intentionally manipulated the data given to the banks, Overestimating expenses and underestimating prospect revenue growth, so that the 2017 valuation artificially low. That treatment allegedly deprived some early Tinder employees of millions, Or tremendous, Of dollar bills.

    “They lied about the financial productivity. They manipulated financial data, And for the most part stole billions of dollars by not paying us what they contractually owe us, Rad said in interviews with CNN. “We’re here aid our rights and to fight for what’s right, For the gist promised us,

    The suit does not offer an alternative valuation, as soon as asked by CNN, Rad refused to give an estimate other than to say it was “several duplicates” Of the $3 billion dollars figure.

    The suit seeks leastways $2 billion in damages, And based on the suit the plaintiffs’ options accounted for more than 20% of the company. That would suggest the plaintiffs are alleging that Tinder was undervalued by at least $9 billion, banking its total value at about $12 billion.

    But blend with Group, Which is publicly traded and includes Tinder and other dating apps, Has a market cap of no more than $13.5 million. IAC generally speaking, Which is controlled by media magnate Barry Diller and which also includes brands such as Angie’s List and The Daily Beast beyond just the services that make up Match, Has a market cap around $16 billion. The price of both stocks slumped immediately after the suit was filed.

    Tinder’s financial success is driving much of that value. a couple weeks ago, Shares of Match shot up 17% per day and shares of IAC jumped nearly 8% after Match reported huge gains from Tinder. Revenue from Tinder alone was up 136% over recent times, Coupled with an 81% increase in may be subscribers. On an investor call about the earnings report, Match’s CFO told investors it now expects Tinder to generate $800 million in revenue this year, Which he termed as a “Phenomenal success, The suit says that is 75% higher than the 2018 estimate used in the 2017 valuation.

    How Tinder function is

    The suit provides a fascinating look behind the curtain not only at the operations of Tinder, But also of the kinds of battles that can happen between technology innovators who create start-ups and the investors who help to finance their early operations.

    Tinder has helped change the way people meet by gamifying dating. Users can swipe left on a potential date’s profile if yet they can be interested, And swipe right when they are. If both sides swipe right, any match. When it was launched, The app transformed the online dating experience and paved the way for many competitors that iterated on the format. this morning, the actual says it sees 1.6 billion swipes a day and touts a total of over 20 billion matches.

    The suit claims that Rad and others created Tinder largely on their own time, And on their own money, While acting on other projects at Hatch Labs, organization incubator IAC runs in New York. The suit says they were told that if Tinder was successful they would frequently receive a “Founder friendly title” Deal and would be given a majority private information. But once Tinder proved great, They were given options worth only about 20% of vehicle, according to the suit.

    “when we had anything in contract, Tinder was already big, Rad celebrity fad. “early team gave it their all, And they sacrificed like any founder of any business does, Or early employees of any business does. They stole risk. every person took risk, Rad told.

    the quantity is Tinder worth?

    The share of the company to which the early staff are entitled is not at issue in the suit; They ultimately agreed to the roughly 20% they got. the question in the lawsuit is the value of that stake.

    using the suit, IAC and Match installed Blatt as Tinder’s CEO in front of the valuation process in order to paint to the banks conducting the valuation a more pessimistic view of Tinder’s growth. The suit alleges that Match and IAC downplayed the impact of significant product features that Tinder was set to introduce, Like a change that allowed a wider user base, and even Tinder Gold, A premium version of the app that appreciably increased revenue.

    “There was hard data that showed that these features will have a significant impact on the company, Rad documented. “They downplayed value of either one of these features even though internally everyone knew how important they were. And then weeks later to the public it is said how these features are the cornerstone of our growth,

    based on the suit, just in one week of Tinder Gold’s launch, Match’s cost increased by $1 billion.

    IAC defended the value process in its statement.

    “The facts are simple: Match Group and the plaintiffs went through a rigorous, Contractually defined valuation process involving two independent global price banks, additionally Mr. Rad and his merry band of plaintiffs did not like the end result, It spoken. “mr. Rad has a rich history of outlandish public says, And this lawsuit contains yet another series of them. We look ahead to defending our position in court,

    IAC said that since Tinder’s start it has paid more than $1 billion in equity recompense to Tinder employees including its founders.

    inside valuation process, Blatt threatened other executives of Tinder who tried to share accurate advise with the banks performing the valuation, good suit. Rad told CNN that employees were told they’d be fired if they provided the most suitable information.

    Rad was on the board then, But he told CNN that he’d been pushed out of the conversations and was put in a position where he couldn’t ensure that the valuation and the information given to the banks were correct. based on the suit, Rad was banned from Tinder’s home office by Blatt.

    “employees were literally told, And these are my colleagues who built this manufacturer with me, were told that if they speak to me, If they furnish me with the right information, they usually are fired,

    allegations of sexual harassment

    The suit also claims that, shortly afterwards he was named CEO of Tinder in late 2016, Blatt groped and sexually harassed Tinder vp of Marketing and Communications Rosette Pambakian at a company holiday party. The suit alleges that whenever Rad notified IAC officials of Blatt’s conduct, They covered it up and kept Blatt as CEO particularly if the because he was central to their plan to downplay the valuation. Pambakian is a litigant in the suit.

  5. the actual have Raptors upstaged Leafs

    I covered or stood curb side for the scant championship parades in Toronto the past few decades.

    Bob O clutching the grey Cup, Joe peterson waving the Canadian flag, TFC player scarves flapping in dec holidays breeze or dodging soccer balls and dancers on the Danforth when Italy won the World Cup or Greece took Euro 2004.

    But the excitement of those civic cellys always seemed to come with a rider, From fans and networking, possible until the Leafs win the Stanley Cup that the five day festival of the Raptors NBA title is beautiful ukrainian girls complete the clinching game viewed by a record 7.7 million in ontario, Capped by approximately two million bringing the city to a halt on Monday that haughty notion is up for debate.

    The youth imbued crowd, most of the people aged 25 and under, Or young families in its northern border apparel with homemade signs, Turned the pavements red, Packed every pub and were hanging around from every tree, Lamp post or atop idled garbage trucks and TTC atv’s. Across your Osgoode Hall green, Where team buses made their last triumphant turn into Nathan Philips Square, One man clung precariously on the head of a war memorial statue and when your Go Raptors clap/chant began, Used his free hand to slap the bronzed angel out stretched bronzed palm to beat time.

    Roaring echoes your own square bounced off skyscraper walls. Whiffs of medical marijuana also rode the slight breeze, in addition to a roving minstrel playing Drake tunes with speakers strapped to his body. He was those types of pressing forward and giving the bagpipers little room to clear space for the team. It was a long way from those black and white snaps of genteel Leafs fans staying on the sidewalk to let the convertibles ferry George Armstrong, Dave Keon and honest Mahovlich up Bay St. of this four Cups in the 1960s.

    the particular two hours it took the caravan to snake its way to Mayor John Tory, Receive the key to the city and a different way street sign, Gave lots your own time for 20 somethings Zaqi Ahmed and Harpreet Johal to argue if the Leafs bust their Cup slump, Will it be anti climactic based on what everyone was witnessing.

    Raptors are just being a global team, The Leafs have been one longer, contended Ahmed. The Leafs win the Cup and you can count on that in the next couple of years a myriad of people will come here. If the city was unprepared for this, they were given a whole other thing coming.

    Will come from literally every inch of the globe. Two million is a lot to take now, But just wait in a few years. All this Raptor hype was gained in playoffs. in the event the Leafs make their run, Expect two or three times this size. Hold your breath of air chimes in Johal.

    Is the peak for gta. Everybody is out today and after this, We know what it just going to be like. Some people might have horrible experiences and might never want to return (daily, During speeches, Four people were injured in a shooting from the main stage). however, People will just watch in your kitchen. I don think the Leafs will be larger than this.

    Is you and me, definitely our Raptor time. We weren even here for the Jays. I was negative two following won. in the event the Leafs win, obviously the same, But the Raptors are maturing all the time. are extensive Leaf fans across Canada, but just as many haters, While the nation only NBA team has pulled on the heart strings in recent weeks.

    One of the few wearing a Leafs cap in the quest for a shady parade standpoint Monday was Kyle MacLean. Though he was probably wishing the Freddy call to some to primary podium was for goaltender Andersen, Not moment guard VanVleet, He was happy to be a part of history.

    Thrilled as a Toronto sports fan, Insisted the 45 years old, Part of two long time bereft of a Cup winner. will likely be amazing if (Leafs) won, But that will be taking something away from what the Raptors have done today. The Leafs winning budding huge, But I don comprehend it being bigger.

    Is pretty unique. It brings a different lot of people together in our city that might not be hockey fans or from Canada. It a definite sense of unity. Raptors, Junior partner in the Maple Leaf Sports and pastime empire since their 1998 merger, Are sure on top today.

    buying enough there no inter lodge rivalry by the abundance of congratulatory tweets from the Leafs, Marlies, Argos, TFC even a Raptor logo on the rival owned Jays exterior message forum board you can stop wondering if the Leafs missed a big moment here.

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