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[VIDEO] Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) need to rise up and address false prophets, Cephaz Norhonba react to viral videos,5 miracles, same woman, different pastors

Cephaz Norhonba has reacted to the viral video that is making rounds on social media, the young Edo man has recommended that the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) should rise up, take the right action and address false prophets.

He insisted that things like that should not be taken lightly, though no one is perfect that is why there is law, he illustrated with the Bible story of Jesus Christ.

“When Jesus Christ perform miracle, the king sought after him and sent soldiers after him to go and arrest him, but when they got to the place there was confusion because the man Jesus Christ healed was lame from his mother’s womb, so there was a great evidence to substantiate that the miracle was real, meaning there was a law in the land to arrest any false prophet and arrest anyone who is going about doing magic in the name of miracle,” he said.

The Edo singer insisted that they are not men of God but antichrist causing confusion in the body of Christ, to trivialised what Jesus Christ has done for us on earth, the pastors deliberately performed those miracles because they want to be recognized, defrauding people, “if not why do you need to help God to perform miracles?” God will do His thing at his own time, he said.

He advised Christians all over the world that the greatest miracle any child of God should expect is as a miracle is the Word of God. “if you are staying in a church where is no true word of God, you need to leave there and search for a true church where you can hear the Word, the Word alone can energise you.”

The false pastors are worse than ‘yahoo boys’ their property should be seized and be jailed for their fraudulent activities.

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