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[VIDEO] The story of this 59 yrs old woman that once lived in Germany will make you cry.

A 59-year-old woman identified as Philomena Edosomwan was randomly chosen by the President of Godsent Foundation Ambassador Dion Osagie, during one of his street ‘random acts of kindness, a routine where the young man reaches out to the less privileged people in Benin City, Edo State.

The woman was carrying a heavy load of drinks she is selling on the head and shaking uncontrollably, according to Dion Osagie he met the woman over the weekend, she was shaking as if she was going to fall, he knew she needed some help, he said. But unknowingly to him, the woman is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. Symptoms start gradually, sometimes starting with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. Tremors are common, but the disorder also commonly causes stiffness or slowing of movement.

Mrs Philomena Edosamwan said that the day Amb Dion Osagie saw her on the street, he helped to bring down the heavy load of drinks she was carrying on her head and bought the whole lot of drinks from her and ask her to go home and rest for that day, he then told her to come to his office at Airport Road, Benin City, so that he can look into her case and find a way of assisting her.

That was the reason she came to his office yesterday Monday, 28 of October, she was asked to tell the viewers about her family, her husband precisely.

Listening to the woman, you can tell that she is well learned due to her use of English language, few minutes into the live broadcast, Mrs Edosamwan stated that she had been in Europe on 2 occasions.

The first Europe country she visited was Italy, she came back home to Nigeria and then went to Germany.

Amb Dion Osagie then talked to her using Deutch language, she responded fluently.

Nasoweseeamonline can confirm that she was truly living in Germany through the comments from the Germany viewers that were watching the Facebook live broadcast.

We also gathered that she had lived in a town not too far from Cologne, where she was working. Two years on, the Germany government told her to leave, she eventually left Germany, returned back to Nigeria, presumably due to no legal documents to live in the country and gave birth to a son she conceived with a Nigerian man she met in Germany, her son who is now 26 years old was present with her during the live broadcast.

Mrs Edosomwan who is nearly 60 years and still hawking on the streets, received a cash gift of N20,000 to buy some foodstuffs and was asked to come back to the office tomorrow Wednesday, 29 October to collect some money for her son’s Isaac Osagie WAEC enrollment fees, money for her medications and also to discuss the type of business she can do whereby she won’t have to be hawking on the streets anymore. It was a happy ending for Mrs Philomena Edosamwan as many viewers in the diaspora were touched by her story, some also promised to send her money in a few days time.

Watch the video below;