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[AUDIO] I did not leak Destiny Ebagua’s nude photos and video online – Rita Bakare

The lady that was seen in Destiny Ebagua’s leaked photos and video have been identified as Rita Bakari, originally from Edo state, based in Greece.
Nasoweseeamonline reported about Destiny Ebagua, an Edo man that has been blackmailing his fellow Edo sisters in Europe and America with their nude pictures. Read here
Eventually, the table turned and his nude photos were leaked online, it was scandalous, but on Destiny’s photos a lady was seen at the upper left of the photos, apparently she was the lady Destiny was on a video call with, her name is Rita. Read here

Rita on the phone yesterday Thursday, November 20, during Eddie Idahosa’s Facebook live broadcast revealed that it was her friend Susan who leaked the photos and video online, speaking very sure confirmed that Suzan is the only person she sent the photos to.
When asked by Eddie the self-acclaimed Social Media President to say her side of the story regarding the leakage of Destiny’s nude photos online.
Rita narrated in Benin language, how Destiny insulted her when she asks him for the money he is owing her, in her words.
There is this lady by name Suzan, I reported to her that I and Destiny are having a misunderstanding, so Suzan called Destiny on the phone (to make a settlement).
But Suzan called me back advising me to forget about the money Destiny is owing me because he has my naked pictures, I doubted her initial until she forwarded it to me, though she was reluctant at first but I insisted.
So seeing my naked pictures got me upset and I told Susan that I also have Destiny’s naked pictures as well.
However, I sent her Destiny’s naked photos and I told her to delete it after viewing and Suzan promised to do that but unknowingly to me she had saved it.
I and Suzan have long parted ways, we are not friends anymore.

Listen to her phone call on Eddie’s live broadcast;

It was reported that Destiny Ebagua and his friends are also guilty in all this trend, his girlfriend, Esther who is a popular Edo musician is aware and also his accomplice, in one of her leaked audio that was played online by a Facebook presenter, Monica Ambrose, Esther threatened to kill her colleague in the industry, Sandra Aigbogun aka Sandoka, but when asked yesterday by Eddie Murphy, she twisted the answers and started talking out of point trying to implicate other innocent people, by the time she finished talking even Eddie Idahosa had completely forgotten what the question was.

Skimmy Yah and Esther Edopkayi during Esther’s 20 million live on stage show [Source Youtube]

Destiny Ebagua and Skimmy Yah, during Esther’s 20 million live on stage show[Source Youtube]

Skimmy Yah another popular Edo married man based in the Netherlands is the boyfriend to Susan, the lady that allegedly leaked the photos online.