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Somizi reveals he is a proud traditional worshiper, shows off his “Imphepho” juju

South African superstar, Somizi Mhlongo has announced that he is a proud traditional worshiper and he would show off his “Imphepho” juju proudly.
Somizi who married the love of his life Mohale Motaung on September 29 2019, (read here) took to his social media page stating that he will show off his Imphepho juju as a traditional worshiper, just like Christians can show off their bibles.
He shared a picture of his juju with the caption;

So one day many moons ago……someone who’s not African woke up and said I’m gonna convince all Africans that this is evil…..this dark……this is a myth………coz they realized how stronger how powerful how wise how free how happy and how rich we wud be if we practiced our own culture…..and convinced us that if we do it we must hide it……..I’m so glad my eyes got opened whilst I’m still on this earth……I’ve never been happier…..I’ve never been this free…..this pic right here is who I proudly am…..oh I am.so proud….I’m not ashamed anymore….I dont hide anymore……I live by imphepho and everything u see in that pic…….if Indians can proudly and boldly light up incense anywhere anytime why can’t I…..if Christians can unashamedly whip out their bible anytime anywhere why can’t I wear my sphandla with no shame….all I’m saying is do u boo as long as u dont look down or disrespect my culture and tradition just as much as I shud do the same unto yoz…..thokoza….