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[VIDEO] Eedris Abdulkareem extols Chief Allen Onyema of Air Peace

In recognition of his immense and unquantifiable labour of Love in bringing home hundreds of stranded Nigerians from South Africa in the height of the recent xenophobic attacks, and his other legion of unreported contributions to the growth and sustenance of our dear country Nigeria, the Nigerian Hip Hop Czar and Olympic torchbearer Eedris Abdulkareem has taken up the mic in association with the indefatigable heroine of Nigerian democracy and civil rights activist Dr. Joe Okei Odumakin, to appreciate and celebrate Chief Allen Onyema, the CEO of Air Peace.

In explaining why he chose to honour “the worthy Chief” with the song “Onyema Onyema”, Eedris, who is known for his unrelenting straightforwardness in applauding the good and fighting the bad and evil in the society affirmed that ” I extol and commend Chief Onyema for his love for Nigeria, irrespective of whose side the pendulum swings.

His labour of love is simply unquantifiable and worthy of emulation, this kind of patriotic and unbiased actions should be celebrated by all and sundry so that people like Chief Onyema will continue doing what they do. Nigeria needs men like him to get to the eldorado. Men with hearts of gold” he declared.

Asked why he chose to do the song in conjunction with Dr Odumakin, the rapper cum activist averred that “we are kindred spirits. Dr Joe Okei Odumakin has my kind of spirit and she is a fighter amongst fighters, a true amazon whose sincerity and tenacity of purpose is unquestionable.” “Then again, her love for Nigeria equals mine, and that informed my decision to partner with her in the project as a worthy icon and heroine of our time, solid enough, untainted and unfettered enough to celebrate yet another worthy Icon of Nigeria in the person of the Air Peace CEO.”

Onyeoma Onyema: Eedris Abdulkareem extols Chief Allen Onyema of Air Peace (Video)

This creative marriage between Lakreem Entertainment and Centre for Change Initiative that gave birth to “Onyema Onyema” is said to be waxing stronger as we understand that the two bodies are exploring other avenues in their collective quest to make Nigeria a better place for all of us.

According to the management of Lakreem Entertainment, “the audio/visual offering of the single “Onyema Onyema” shall be hitting the airwaves in a fortnight.”

“Let us encourage, celebrate and project the best in the land and not the worst of the Society, as the society will ultimately become what we, the citizens make of it” Eedris fired in conclusion