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[VIDEO] Nigerian lady sweeps the streets of Rome, ask for a little token from passersby because she’s unable to get a job

A Nigerian lady identified as Joan, who is living in Rome, Italy, is being hailed on social media for her good deeds, sweeping the streets of Rome and not engaging in criminal activities.

On the video shared online, an Italian man seeing that she was sweeping the streets, read what she wrote on paper that was placed close to where she is sweeping.

Translated to English language;

Kind ladies and gentlemen,

It is my honest desire to integrate into the system without asking for alms

Henceforth I will be sweeping your streets

I am only asking for a token of 50 cents for my job

Nylon bags, brush, pan and other cleaning materials are well accepted.


The Italian man then stopped and ask her why she is sweeping the streets, the lady replied in Italian language ‘because I don’t have a job and I have to eat, pay my rent, feed my mum and pay for schooling’

Why don’t you go about begging for alms, sitting at the front of supermarkets and shopping mall just like your other country people do, why sweeping the streets? Ask the man, she said, people pass by and give me €1, some 10 cents.

The caring man noticed that her Italian language is not that fluent, ask if she likes, he can speak to her using the English language, she said that was fine.

Joan explained that she sweeps the streets to get money to feed, pay for her house rents and also to take care of her family in Nigeria.

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