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[VIDEO] The moment Eddie Idahosa brought out juju to swear on Erhanomigho and his children

Recently, a lot has been reported about the Edo community in Europe, but the awkward keeps popping up every day, like never seen before.
Facebook users were left astonished when Eddie Idahosa brought out his voodoo from a black polythene bag yesterday during his live broadcast with over 600 viewers watching from around the globe.
The self-acclaimed Social Media President started the live broadcast with insults on Clement Erhanomigho, calling him names like ‘the idiot fellow is in America’, body shaming him for his height and more.

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You can recall that Clement Erhanomigho, Edo born self-acclaimed freedom fighter who is based in Dallas Texas has been taking sides with Tony Kabaka, who was once his arch-enemy until a few months ago.
It was recorded in 2017 that Clement Erhanomigho had reported Tony Kabaka to the Italian police, that leads to Tony been arrested and interrogated in Italy during his last visit to the country.
However, when Tony Kabaka started having issues with the Edo State government regarding his hotel that was scheduled for demolition because it was built on government land… regardless of every bad things Erhanomigho has done and said in the past about him, Tony made peace with Erhanomigho, pleaded for his support, to help him intermediate between him and Governor Obaseki to help stop the demolition of his hotel.
Erhanomigho accepted the offer with all satisfaction as if he has been waiting for such a moment to be friend again with Tony Kabaka and in his normal aggressive manner started insulting governor Obaseki again.


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Eddie Murphy Idahosa aka Social Media President who recently visited Nigeria met Governor Obaseki, took a picture, him having a handshake with his Excellency, pledged loyalty to him because according to him Governor Obaseki is a very humble and quiet man.

Mr Eddie Murphy Idahosa and Governor Obaseki (Photo Source: Facebook)


Eddie arriving his base in Germany then warned Erhanomigho to stop insulting the governor online, gave him reasons why he must stop insulting the person and the government of Obaseki.
An hour into Eddie’s Facebook live broadcast, a follower called him, saying that Erhanomigho was insulting his children on his platform in his Facebook live broadcast too, the caller encouraged Eddie to fire down on Erhanomigho.
The phone call got Eddie angry, he brought out his voodoo ‘juju’, started swearing on Erhanomigho’s children but was instantly stopped by his wife Isoken Idahosa
The viewers commended her for her wisdom.

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