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VIDEO |I was harassed by police officers and accused of carrying a charm – Actor Akah Nnani narrates his sad ordeal

Nollywood actor Akah Nnani has narrated his sad ordeal with police officers while on a recent taxi ride.
According to the actor, it began after the car he was in, was flagged down by police officers along Ring Road Bridge.
He said there were over 20 police officers on the bridge who claimed they were conducting a stop-and-search operation using a shuttle bus and not an official police vehicle. He further asked how the police officers would be traced if they did something bad at the scene
Nnani said one of the police officers who came to the car he was in, cocked his gun and pointed it at him and the driver without establishing if they are criminals or had committed a crime.
The actor who said this got him pissed, stated that the police officer who looked like a “black-faced criminal”, felt irritated and challenged after he asked him to stop pointing his gun at them.
Nnani said the police officers then asked them to drive to a dark alley, away from the bridge and other road users.
He added that after he resisted, they insisted on searching him. However after they saw his house key which had local drum attached to it, they accused him of having a charm.
Nnani said they allowed him to leave after one of them pulled him aside, asked him his profession and went through his photos and videos.
The actor who revealed that the police officers who allegedly harassed him had a SWAT inscription on their outfit, which is the replacement of the disbanded SARS, concluded by asking if they would have let him go if he didn’t have a profile.
Nnani also revealed that he’s been told that some officers have threatened to kill civilians, bragging about being released after being locked up in a cell for a while.


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