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“I’ve been battling depression all alone with my child” Yomi Fabiyi’s ex accuses him of not providing for her and their infant son

Amarachi Grace Jimoh has accused her baby daddy Yomi Fabiyi of abandoning her to care for their child alone.

The student, who shares a 6-month-old son with Yomi, said her relationship with her father soured because she got involved with Yomi Fabiyi.

She added that as a result, she can’t go to her father for financial assistance. She also alleged that Yomi is not providing so she’s left to fend over son alone.

She further said that Yomi claimed she rushed to get pregnant for him because she had a mission and the statement made her “want to hate” the son they share.

She also disclosed that she cried almost every day when she was pregnant with their child because Yomi ‘mentally abused’ her by claiming his Caucasian ex-wife saw a vision that Grace was only deceiving him.

Amarachi also accused Yomi of taking back every thing he gave her and their son. She said she had to move back to her state of origin, Imo State, and has nothing, save for a hot plate. She added that when there is no power, she can’t cook for her and her son.

See her posts below.


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