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“Our father wants nothing to do with you and your mum” Half-sisters drag each other on Twitter

Two half-sisters are dragging each other on Twitter and their fight has gone viral.
It all began when the elder sister, known on Twitter as Sugaarrbaby, spoke about having two birth certificates because her father seized the original birth certificate as a way of punishing her mum, so her mother got another.
She referred to her father as “my other parent”.
The younger sister, a baker, replied to accuse her elder half-sister of “dragging” their father.
She added that their father wants nothing to do with Sugaarrbaby and her mother and also revealed some foul things their father allegedly said about Sugaarrbaby and her mother.
The younger sister added: “This is why they said marry one wife so your days will be long.”
“I regret ever knowing you as a sister. God forbid,” the younger sister also tweeted.
Twitter users knocked the younger sister and told her that her elder half-sister didn’t mention her or their father.
They also reminded the younger sister that her mother is the second wife so she’s not in the position to make the remark about men marrying only one wife.

See tweets below.


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