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Paying rent will make you realize why prodigal son went back home – Don Jazzy says

Michael Collins Ajereh also known as Don Jazzy, popular record producer, has made a subtle lamentation about rent payment.
The Mavin Records boss hinted in a post on his social media page that being a tenant is very demanding financially.
Don Jazzy said that when one starts paying rent, they would realise why the biblical prodigal son went back to his father.
In the book of Luke, the prodigal son was a boy who asked his father for his inheritance, and left home. He then squandered it while living a lavish and reckless life.
When he had nothing left of his fortune, the son was forced to do some menial job but he could not cope, so he returned home to his father and elder brother.
Referencing this story, Don Jazzy, that until people start paying rent they will never relate to the action taken by the boy.
Don Baba wrote; ”Until you start paying house rent you will never understand why the prodigal son came back”.
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In a similar news, Don Jazzy had taken to social media in the week to bask in the joy of his artistes having a successful year.

He revealed that every artiste signed to Mavin Records has been booked for shows, performances and other events.

According to Don Jazzy, they are all busy doing what they do best, which is making music and thrilling fans with performances.

He stated this with pride and gave thanks to God for making the success of his signees greatly possible.

Jazzy tweeted; ”All my artists are booked and busy. Baba GOD you do all o. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🤍🐘 #Mavin”

Fans and followers stormed his comment section to plead with him to also give them a chance to be heard since all his artistes are busy.


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