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VIDEO | Men only comment on your seductive videos because they want to sleep with you- Stanley Nweze

Actor Stanley Nweze, Nollywood actor took to his IG page this morning to advise ladies who have the habit of dancing and dressing half-naked on social media.
According to him, men will go and search for ”better wives” to marry and not women who display their features online. He said the only kind of attention women who display their features online get is from men who just want to sleep with them and not to marry them. He advised women to be wise and desist from it.
He made this statement, in his video, the actor said his gender would be the ones to comment ‘beautiful’, ‘see curves’, and the likes whenever they see posts of ladies who dress half-naked but will never marry such women.

Watch the video he shared below

In a different news, a viral video on social media shows the funny and dramatic moment a hospitalized man engaged his babe in hot pursuit.

She visited him at the hospital and decided to carry his phone while going out of the hospital but he jumped out of bed and started chasing after her.

In the video, a woman could be seen running out of the hospital with her man’s phone and he followed shortly after realising what happened.

The man who wore only the hospital rob ran out of the hospital and started chasing his woman. Interestingly, a nurse also went after him on seeing him running out.


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