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VIDEO | Young widow gets new apartment, freezer from good Samaritan on her birthday

A Nigerian man identified as Osita, has moved a widowed mother of three to emotions with his kind act toward her.
The good Samaritan had met her living in a shack with her children and he interviewed her to know how she survives.

The woman identified as Ayo, said that she used to distribute fish but ever since her deep freezer developed a fault, she was unable to continue the business.

She also revealed that the make shift house in a slum where she and her 3 children live was single-handedly built by herself.

Osita then offered to get her a deep freezer and returned with the electronic, on a day which also turned out to be her birthday.

Interestingly, after showing her the freezer, the kindhearted man also got the widow a new apartment and took her to the place as a surprise.

When he informed her that the place belongs to her, she burst into tears and gave thanks to God for using the good Samaritan to impact her life.

Another video captured when he presented the freezer to the woman and took her to the new apartment he secured for her.

He also gave her money as capital to get her business running again. She said she was going home to dance.

Osita shared a video of the first interaction he had with Ayo, where she opened up on her struggle with feeding.

He captioned; ”Meet Ayo, she is a widow with 3. She lost her job as a fish distributor because she had a faulty freezer which eventually spoilt and because of that she couldn’t meet up and lost her job. She needs a freezer to get things in shape.


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