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VIDEO| I nor know where them put me – Nigerian Man who travelled to Europe finds himself in village

A Nigerian man has been left in disappointment after being taken to Europe only for him to be dropped in an insolated area.
In a video making the rounds online, he lamented bitterly about the type of place he was dropped off after landing in Italy.
He showed off the old-looking house which was situated atop a mountain in an area far away from city.
The man revealed that it was an association that helped make the travel arrangements and dropped him off at the accommodation.
He said he doesn’t know the name of the place he was taken to neither does he know what part of Italy it is in.
According to the heartbroken guy, he was initially happy with the idea that he was moving to Europe but upon his arrival he instantly began to regret.
He said that he does not know where they dropped him off as he’s bee unable to get train or bus out of the place.
In the video, the man showed off the surroundings of the house which were mostly covered in trees as though it were a farmland.
Some reactions culled below:
the_cu_student wrote; It’s like I’ll start being specific in my prayers oh 😢😂
landladyoflagos_c; Them carry you go where you no know 😂🤣🤣🤣😂 ok begin comeback then 😂😂😂😂
olomokunrinade; Osahon You for stay Libya wey you go Dey see water na 😂😂?
akodu_jr; Which side for “Europe” e fit be bosnia and Herzegovina you go like that ooo wey you dey shout “Europe Europe” 😂😂😂
iamabefe01; This is asylum camp…you will get through it…don’t complain
dshadare; Come back home then and let more determined minds go 😂😂
this_oj; Zeal and passion will always require wisdom for it to b successful. Before you embark, plan well if you can.
sure_zarmani28; You never pay ur douses you wan enjoy 😂😂😂
donwilly01_; This voice Be like Nosakare Voice from ikpoba Hill
the_black_ghost_224; Modern trenches 😂😂😂😂 Italy ke 😂😂😂
blacnap_ier; You reach Europe abi you no reach😂😂😂😂
iamatabo; Benin people and Italy. 👫. Italy na Edo extention 😂



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