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“Your Ex Was The One Feeding You, You Didn’t Even Finish Uni, I’ll Expose You”- Lady Who Claims To Know Sheggz Alleges

After BBNaja housemate, Sheggz had a fight with fellow housemate, Rachael, there’s been so much reactions on social media.
Recall that a certain lady identified as Gbemi, once claimed to be Sheggz Ex, revealing how he beat and injured her severely when they were dating.
Now, a certain twitter user who claims to be Gbemi’s friend has been tweeting about Sheggz, raining insults on him and threatening to expose him.

The Twitter user wrote:

“I hate the way that sheggz pig makes us uk born Nigeria’s look
We love our culture & most of us are well mannered and don’t have this superiority complex this mad man shows.
We don’t separate ourselves or put ourselves on this imaginary pedestal and know Nigeria is home #BBNajia

I would have finished that boy to the point where he would have no choice but to fight me…..I would have dragged him to the deepest parts of hell and EXPOSEDDDDDDD his whole life #BBNajia

Everything “I’m too big I’m too big” when you were with Gbemi she was the one looking after you including financially and you were living for free In her uni flat

That mad man Sheggz is lucky no one else from the uk is in the house
BIG liar that didn’t even finish uni they would have exposed him
He’s a troubled spirit and I’m glad Rachel GAVE HIM
Call me stupid I’ll insult every single person that’s ever bared your last name #BBNajia

Sheggz continuously degrades Nigeria and Nigerians and says her British
BBUK is back next year WHYYYYYYYY didn’t you wait and go in there I don’t understand #BBNajia

The day this girl gives me the go ahead ahhhhhhhhhhhhh #BBNajia


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