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The recent statement allegedly credited to Gov. Bindow that his current cabinet’s members will only spend four years with him, and that he will appoint new set of commissioners to work him after 2019 has created a crack in Gov. Bindow’s cabinet. It was alleged that Bindow told his close loyalist that he will not come back with the current cabinet members, is responsible for the double standard you are going to see from now hence forth a cabinet member who pleaded anonymity told this news medium. The latest outburst by the by the Governor according to a Commissioner, has led to not less than fifteen Commissioners indicating interest to abandon the Bindow’s government. Impeccable sources disclosed that “there is a sharp division within the State Executive Council, SEC, members, and that some of  the Governor’s appointee loyalty lies in hand of those that recommended them to Bindow after 2015 election not Bindow himself. “It is going to be very messy when the SEC meeting resumes next week. They have gone so petty that they don’t even trust one another. How could adults be fighting over a non-issue? How can a commissioner serving under Bindow having nocturnal meeting with Bindow’s opponents? This is what we are witnessing in the cabinet now. I learnt that not less than fifteen Commissioners would soon be resigning.” When probed further as to why the Governor had not taken any action, the top rank government official noted that Bindow’s emotion may have taken a toll on him, while assuring that the Governor would act once he feels the heat and the dangers, some of these appointees possess to his 2019 ambition. “But we know that when Bindow gets to understand that most of his cabinet members are going to betray him in 2019, he would have to deal with all these issues, because they have become a distraction to the efforts to sanitise the system.” One of the sources also informed that Bindow, had been particularly piqued by the turn of events, but decided not dabble into the political power play. “When press further why the betrayal by Atiku loyalists serving under Bindow, he told our correspondent that “the declaration of loyalty to Atiku instead of Bindow that appoints them is unfortunate, it annoyed many of us, but those with this set of commissioners had been laughing and thinking they are on track. “The division even annoyed the Governor, but you know, the Bindow is not somebody that dabbles into dirty politics. He would rather leave that to those playing double standard. But he is not happy with the division among the cabinet members.”However, the APC has assured that Bindow and the party would soon respond appropriately to the position canvassed by most these Commissioners, even as the Adamawa State Working Committee of the party distanced itself from the so called alliance allegedly enter into with Atiku by Gov. Bindow to support Bindow in 2019, speaking to our correspondent, a member of the State working committee of the APC in Adamawa State has faulted in its entirety the news making around that, Bindow has enter into alliance with Atiku to deliver Adamawa to Bindow in 2019 in exchange for the Governor to appoints more of Atiku loyalist,” this particular story making around is the imaginary thinking of the opposition politician having seen that their defeat is imminent in 2019, so they resorted to blackmail and beer parlour stories to tarnish the image of the Governor, My pain is simple we have been pleading with the Governor to see reasons why this current cabinet should be dissolve now before it is too late”. There is no way a commissioner who knows for sure that he is not coming back in 2019 to work for the Governor’s reelection is not possible” it is better for the Governor to separate the sheep from the goat now” the statement said.



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