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‘Side chicks should take care of him too’ – How Julius Agwu’s wife allegedly abandoned him on sick bed and moved on with another man due to comedian’s promiscuous lifestyle


It has been alleged that Ibiere Maclayton, the wife of famous Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu has moved on with another man despite the condition of her ailing husband.
Julius Agwu and wife
Julius Agwu and wife

This was disclosed by Instagram blogger Gislovers alleging Julius Agwu’s wife claimed she was tired of taking care of him and side chicks should also take turns to care for the comedian.

Gistlovers also alleged that Julius Agwu was fond of sleeping with numerous side chicks while making waves in the entertainment industry.

Hence Julius Aguw’s wife, Ibere, had also called on side chicks to take care of him since they still enjoyed the comedian’s money when he was financially buoyant.

The post reads:

Hello tueh tueh, information reaching Vawulence headquarters be say it is payback time as Comedian Julius Agwu’s wife packs out of their 14yrs old marriage amidst husband health crisis, moves on with another man and change name back to her maiden name.

Women no good ooo chai, but we men too should do better ooo, all these women can be loyal if they want to, when Julius Agwu Dey ball then, no PUNA wey him no fit knack, him other name Na KNACKERDIMU as him come Dey down with this tumour wahala, it was said that the wife try ooo but got tired on the long run.

According to a close source, them talk say the wife say make all those Side Chics too come take care of am now, as Na all of them enjoy am when everything still soft but now money no flow in again them side chickens don japa.

As it is now madam don move on too and enjoying life with her friends oooo, Comedians make una check on Ian brother Julius Agwu ooo, no eh wen he go sup finish now una go begin write yeye epistle up and down oo, he needs help now between the wife just left him and he needs all the support he can get, i come in peace, igi ewedu oni wo pawa oooo

Recall that the couple had a challenging time when Agwu fell ill in 2015.

The ace comedian, who has made a difference with his show, ‘Crack Ya Rib,’ had a successful brain surgery in 2015, recovered but then suffered a relapse in 2016 when he went to London for his show.

Though keeping a low profile since then, he attempted to revive his career by returning ‘Crack Ya ribs,’ and announcing his plans to celebrate 25 years in comedy, Agwu couldn’t get that done.

Though not looking as vibrant and hearty as he was before the ailment, Julius Agwu is said to be recuperating and everyone thought his wife was taking care of him.

“She took care of him for sometimes but there were cracks in the union. Maybe she got tired of the current situation—cash flow wasn’t as when Agwu was stupendously rich and healthy. She must have been tired of the situation and left Agwu who isn’t as fit as before,” sources close to the couple told Kemi Ashefon.

The Abonnema born Ibiere travelled abroad with her kids and only shares their photos on Instagram. She has reverted to her maiden name.

Ibiere was a pillar of support to her husband during his health challenge and shared in an interview years back that the medical condition got so bad to the point that he stopped breathing and was almost taken to the mortuary.

She reminisced, “So now I am going to be a widow, how do I manage with these children? These were my thoughts at the time.”

It wasn’t until after a trip to an American hospital, that Julius discovered he had three tumours in his brain with one that was the size of a golf ball.

He recalled, “I started looking for my property documents to give to my wife. One day when they were not home, I almost committed suicide.”

Following his successful surgery at the Park Plaza Hospital in Houston, America in 2015, the comedian decided to drop a thanksgiving song entitled ‘Second Chance’ with a vow glorify God on all his platforms.

They got married on May 31 2008 and are blessed with two kids, Zahra & Zadok. In 2020, the couple celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary.

Diego Maradona’s daughter insists the Argentina jersey set to sell at auction for £4m is not the one he wore for the ‘Hand of God’ and ‘Goal of the Century’ in 1986

Diego Maradona’s daughter has insisted that the Argentina jersey set to sell at auction for £4million this month is not the shirt he was wearing when he scored his famous double against England in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final.
This comes a day after it was announced that former England midfielder Steve Hodge was putting the shirt up for sale in a ‘dedicated online action’, with it also going on display in Sotheby’s London showroom on Bond Street during the April 20-May 4 bidding period.
Maradona’s daughter Dalma told Radio Metro: ‘That ex-England player thinks he’s got my dad’s second-half shirt but there’s a confusion. He has the first-half top. I wanted to explain that to people so that whoever wants to buy it knows the truth.’
When asked who has the second-half shirt, she added: ‘My mum hasn’t got it. I know who has but I’m not going to say who’s got it so as not to expose that person.
‘All I can say is that the one that’s being auctioned is not the one my dad scored his goals with.’
Sotheby’s responded to Dalma’s claims on Thursday, insisting they were ‘false’.
A spokeswoman said: ‘There was indeed a different shirt worn by Maradona in the first half but there are clear differences between that and what was worn during the goals.
‘Prior to putting this shirt for sale, we did extensive dilligence and scientific research on the item to make sure it was the shirt worn by Maradona in the second half for the two goals.’
She added: ‘This object has clear provenance, it is being consigned by the man that kicked Maradona the ball on the Hand of God play.
‘Maradona acknowledges the provenance himself, in his book ‘Touched by God’, and he recalls giving it to Steve Hodge.
‘It’s been in the National Football Museum for 20 years, where countless people have seen it. There has never been a claim that it’s not the shirt.’
Sotheby’s hired an expert outside firm to Photomatch the shirt that is being auctioned which had found ‘multiple conclusive matches’ to the one Maradona scored his two second-half goals with.
A catalogue note for the item states: ‘Sotheby’s worked with Resolution Photomatching in order to match the shirt to both goals examining unique details on various elements of the item, including the patch, stripes, and numbering.
‘Resolution Photomatching was able to make a conclusive photomatch to the celebration following ‘The Hand of God’ goal.
Maradona scored two of the most memorable goals in World Cup history to knock the Three Lions out at the quarter-final stage in the 1986 tournament in Mexico.
During the quarter-final, the late great former Argentina captain rose above Peter Shilton to punch his side into the lead at the Azteca Stadium and the officials failed to spot that he had handled the ball.
At the time, the forward described the goal as being made “a little with the head of Maradona, and a little with the hand of God”.
The mercurial Napoli legend swapped shirts with England midfielder Steve Hodge after the last-eight showdown.

VIDEO| “A king” Actor Junior Pope’s son is hailed as he speaks Igbo while breaking bitter kola at a school function

Actor Junior Pope’s Odonwodo’s son has been hailed after he spoke the Igbo language while breaking bitter kola at his school’s cultural day event.
The young lad was dressed in the Igbo cultural Isiagu attire and made to sit on a chair fit for a king as he performed at school.
While breaking the bitter kola, he said all the right words in Igbo that adults say when breaking kola.
He was hailed “king” when he finished breaking the kola.
“I wouldn’t miss this day for all the scripts in Nollywood. My boys made me proud,” Junior Pope’s Odonwodo wrote as he shared the video.
See the video below;

Turkey scraps Jamal Khashoggi murder trial and hands it over to Saudi Arabia

A Turkish court has suspended the trial of 26 Saudi nationals accused of the gruesome killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and sent the case back to Saudi Arabia.
Washington Post journalist Khashoggi, a fierce critic of the Saudi regime and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was killed on 2 October 2018 while visiting the consulate in Istanbul to retrieve papers to prove he was divorced from his ex-wife in Saudi Arabia.
The decision to transfer the case to Saudi comes after warnings from human rights groups that turning the case over to the kingdom would lead to a cover-up of the killing, which has cast suspicion on the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.
The judge told the court: “We decided to halt and hand over the case to Saudi Arabia.”
Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said last week that he would approve a Turkish prosecutor’s request to hand the case over to Saudi Arabia, at the latter’s demand.
The prosecutor said the case was “dragging” because, as the defendants were foreigners, the court’s orders could not be carried out.
Defence lawyer Ali Ceylan told the court on Thursday that there would not be a fair trial in Saudi Arabia.
“Let’s not entrust the lamb to the wolf,” he said, using a Turkish saying.
Another defence lawyer, Gokmen Baspinar, said that the justice ministry’s move was “against the law.”
“There is no prosecution going on in Saudi Arabia at the moment,” he said. “Saudi authorities have concluded the trial and acquitted many suspects.”
He said the decision to hand over the case to Riyadh would be tantamount to a “breach of Turkish sovereignty” and “an example of irresponsibility against Turkish people”.
The decision has deeply angered rights groups.
The Istanbul tribunal “agreed to transfer the case to the Saudi authorities — in one sentence, just like that. Didn’t even bother to state the lawyers’ requests are rejected,” Milena Buyum, of Amnesty International, said.
She tweeted: “Appalling and clearly political decision.”
Five people were sentenced to death by the kingdom over Khashoggi’s killing, but a Saudi court in September 2020 overturned the sentences, handing jail terms of up to 20 years to eight unnamed defendants following secretive legal proceedings.
Khashoggi’s fiancee Hatice Cengiz, who was present at the hearing on Thursday, said that she would appeal the decision.
 Turkey scraps Jamal Khashoggi murder trial and hands it over to Saudi Arabia
Turkey “is not ruled by a family like in Saudi Arabia. We have a justice system that addresses citizens’ grievances,” she told journalists outside Istanbul’s main court.
“We will appeal the decision in line with our legal system”.
Speaking to AFP, she vowed to “continue to fight. Whoever gives up has given up. I will continue. Sometimes the legal battle itself is more important than the results.”

UK freezes assets of Russia’s largest banks in new round of sanctions


The U.K. has announced new measures to ban all new outward investment in Russia and froze the assets of the country’s biggest bank in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine.

The British Govt moved to freeze the assets of Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, and the Credit Bank of Moscow in what Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said were ‘some of our toughest sanctions yet’.

All new outward investment to Russia has been banned and the UK has also committed to end all imports of Russian coal and oil by the end of the year, with gas to follow as soon as possible.

Sanctions will also be imposed on eight more oligarchs, including Moshe Kantor, the largest shareholder of the fertiliser company Acron and Andrey Guryev, the founder of another key fertiliser company, whom the UK described as a close associate of Vladimir Putin.

Others oligarchs who have been placed under sanctions include Sergey Sergeyevich Ivanov, president of the world’s largest diamond producer, Alrosa, and Leonid Mikhelson, the founder and CEO of the leading Russian natural gas producer Novatek.

The announcement came alongside similar measures from western allies including the EU which has also banned imports of Russian coal. The US announced it was also imposing sanctions against Sberbank, Russian’s largest bank, along with the UK.

The UK will impose asset freezes on Sberbank and Credit Bank of Moscow and put in place an outright ban on all new outward investment in Russia, which was worth £11bn in 2020.

By the end of 2022, the UK would end all dependency on Russian coal and oil, the sanctions announcement said, with a pledge to end imports of gas “as soon as possible thereafter”.

Export bans will also be put in place on key oil refining equipment as well as a ban on imports of iron and steel products.

The White House, meanwhile, announced sanctions Wednesday targeting Russia’s top public and private banks and two daughters of Vladimir Putin, adding more pressure on the country’s economy and its elite over the invasion of Ukraine.

The new sanctions targeted Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova, two adult daughters of Putin’s with his former wife Lyudmila Shkrebneva.

Also hit with new sanctions were the wife and daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and members of Russia’s Security Council, including former President and Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

‘I’m not going to address that s***’ – Chris Rock refuses to comment on Will Smith controversy at New York’s Comedy Cellar


Chris Rock refused to address the controversy surrounding Will Smith slapping him at the The Oscars last week.

The 57-year-old veteran comedian showed up for a surprise stand-up set at New York City’s iconic Comedy Cellar on Tuesday night.
He, however, made it known that he wouldn’t be addressing the slap incident at the Oscars.

A source told Page Six that as soon as Chris got on stage he got on the microphone and said: ‘Lower your expectations, I’m not going to address that s***.’

The star began his Ego Death comedy tour last week and many dates sold out after the slapping incident.

The source also revealed that Chris joked about the new interest in his stand-up performances and that he was workshopping material because ‘all of a sudden people cared about his early shows.’

The talented comedian has refused to go into any detail about the Academy Awards incident for the most part but did stop fans from cursing out Will during his comedy show in Boston on Thursday night.

‘F**k Will Smith!’ a fan shouted, likely in an attempt to show support for Chris days after Will slapped him onstage during Hollywood’s biggest night.

‘No, no, no, no, no…’ the comedian replied, according to People, putting an end to the verbal attacks.

The night before, during his first public appearance since the Oscars slap, Rock was also met with ‘Will Smith’ chants from the audience, and the comedian briefly address the slap during the show, noting that he still needs time to ‘process’ the assault.

He also told the crowd: ‘I haven’t talked to anyone, despite what you heard,’ referencing rumors that Rock and Smith had made amends.

Rock took to the stage at the Wilbur Theatre on Wednesday and asked: ‘How was your weekend?’
The question got a big laugh from the crowd, but Rock warned those at the sold-out venue that the show would go on as planned.

‘I don’t have like a bunch of s*** to say about what happened, so if you came to hear that, I had like a whole show I wrote before… this weekend…’ he said to more laughs. ‘And I’m still kind of processing what happened.

‘So at some time I’ll talk about that s***… and it’ll be serious. It’ll be funny,’ he said before an audience member shouted, ‘F*** Will!’

‘I’m gonna tell some jokes,’ Rock concluded, later revealing that he hasn’t spoken to ‘anyone’ since the incident, alluding to reports that he and Smith have reconciled.

Meanwhile, his 42-year-old younger brother Kenny said The Academy should strip him of his Oscar a week-and-a-half after the now notorious slapping altercation.

Chris’ sibling told the Los Angeles Times that he has had trouble repeatedly watching the now infamous moment involving his brother from last week’s Oscars ceremony and that he should be stripped of the Best Actor trophy.

He said: ‘It eats at me watching it over and over again because you’ve seen a loved one being attacked and there’s nothing you can do about it.

‘Every time I’m watching the videos, it’s like a rendition that just keeps going over and over in my head.’

Kenny continued to express his distaste for the A-list actor’s actions.

He said: ‘My brother was no threat to him and you just had no respect for him at that moment.

‘You just belittled him in front of millions of people that watch the show.’

On Friday, Will resigned from The Academy calling his actions during the ceremony ‘shocking, painful and inexcusable,’ adding that he would accept any additional consequences issued by the Academy’s Board of Governors.

‘The list of those I have hurt is long and includes Chris, his family, many of my dear friends and loved ones, all those in attendance, and global audiences at home,’ Smith said. ‘I betrayed the trust of the Academy. I deprived other nominees and winners of their opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated for their extraordinary work. I am heartbroken.’

Chris’ brother Kenny was asked if he accepts Will’s apology and says he doesn’t especially considering that it took so long to get it out of the I Am Legend star.

He explained: ‘I might have looked at it differently had he initially apologized when he got on the stage and cried and accepted the award, but he didn’t, so, right there that tells me that it is something else.’

Dangote, Adenuga, Abdulsamad Rabiu make it to the Forbes annual Billionaires list of 2022


Forbes has released its annual World’s Billionaires List for the year 2022.

This year’s list ranks 2,668 billionaires across the world.

Only three Africans — all Nigerians — were in the Top 500 of the list.

Aliko Dangote is the first African on the list at No. 130, making him the richest man in Africa, with a total earning of $14 billion.

Mike Adenuga, owner of Globacom, who is number 324 on the list, is the second African on the list, with his $7.3 billion fortune.

Abdulsamad Rabiu, BUA Group Chairman, was listed at number 350 with his $6.9 billion fortune.

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers with her $74.8 billion fortune was ranked as the richest woman on the planet for the second year running. She is number 14 in the general list.

She’s the granddaughter of the founder of beauty giant L’Oréal. for the full list.

Young woman brutally murdered, vital parts removed in Lagos


A young woman identified as Ann Oshaifi from Delta state was reportedly murdered by a suspected ritualist in Lagos.

Human rights activist, Comrade Israel Joe, who disclosed this via Facebook on Wednesday, April 6, said that Ann was butchered into pieces with her vital parts harvested.

According to Joe, the suspected killer was arrested last month and arraigned in court in Ikeja on Tuesday, April 5.

It was gathered that the deceased was reported missing before her mutilated body was found dumped in a bag. Read the full report below:

Young woman brutally murdered, vital parts removed in Lagos

The way you were k!lled and brutally mùrdered broke my heart and everyday, I had wished you listened to my advise just a week before your de.ath.

I have never wanted to say Rest in Peace Ann but you have pushed me. You came to my dream this past night and the only thing you told me before walking away was “Israel Joe fight for me please the guy k!lled me. Before I could exclaim in surprise, you were gone. I was like Tessy, are you alive? What happened to you? You just disappeared.

On the 21st to 23rd of October in 2021, my comrades and I went to the Annual General Conference (AGC) of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) Nigeria which took place at our national secretariat #43 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.

The moment I uploaded my location on Facebook, you called my lines that you were also in Ikeja Lagos. You came and participated in the conference as an observer. In the evening of 22nd October, we sat in my hotel to discuss many issues.

I had advised you to return to Warri and manage your shop until there are openings but you told me you sold your shop located at PTI road and wants to based in Lagos before making your papers to log out of Nigeria. I remembered how I resolved the issue you had with the landlady of your shop three years ago.

My friends who were with me including Comrade Daniel Osemudiame Ezewele , Comrade Ceaser Junior and others also joined me in appealing to you to return to Warri.

The next day you called me again if we could hang out but I told you I was at Lekki where we were been hosted by one of our comrades Solomon Egwatu. Just a week after then, our mutual friend here in Warri, Evi Whiskey called me that you were missing. I called the then commissioner of Police Lagos CP Hakeem and tried all contacts I had but to no avail.

When I saw how your body was butchered, cut into pieces with your vital parts harvested, put into a bag, I broke down in tears as your killer was arrested last month.

I can’t look at the pictures twice Ann, but like you said in my dreams, I will fight for you. Yesterday 5th April, the case was heard in Ikeja, Lagos and I hope the Judiciary will not let the i.d.i.o.t guy out of the hook.

It is my conviction that you’re not the first girl this guy has killed and if released will not be the last. I shall move forward shortly to trend his picture on the internet so that Lagos State can know they have a ritualist next door.

It is also my believe that anyone who engages in the business of killing and selling of vital parts of human beings has no business being alive.

He is wealthy because of the business he does but trust you were the light of your family and he has dimmed that light and even put it of. I will get myself set, hire more lawyer to join in the prosecution team.

I will fight for you dear and be in Lagos in the next court day. I remembered how you kept me in your house for three days when I was being trailed for assassination just three years ago. You were a friend anyone would pray to have. Trust I will fight for you as you have said Ann Oshaifi Rest in Peace dearest.
Young woman brutally murdered, vital parts removed in Lagos

Woman cries to the public for help as she accuses the police of shooting her boyfriend and dumping him in an unknown location in Osogbo

A woman has taken to Instagram to accuse the Nigerian police of shooting her boyfriend and taking him to an undisclosed location in Osogbo, Ogun State.
She shared a photo of her boyfriend named Abiola and asked the police where he is.
Narrating what happened, she said her boyfriend visited his friend, a mobile phone technician named Matthew, at his shop on Sunday, April 3, 2022.
She said Abiola then followed the friend home and while they were having dinner with Matthew’s fiancée, the police barged in without a warrant, claiming they were on a raid.
In the process, they shot Abiola in the leg and then took his body to an undisclosed hospital.
Matthew and his fiancée were also detained but the fiancée has now been released while Matthew remains in custody.
Abiola’s girlfriend said the police have claimed they don’t know Abiola’s whereabouts, yet they are in possession of his phone and car.
“Nigerian police, where is Abiola? Fellow Nigerians please help us,” the girlfriend cried out on Instagram.
Woman cries to the public for help as she accuses the police of shooting her boyfriend and dumping him in an unknown location in Osogbo

Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich denies claims he asked American celebrity friends including Hollywood director Brett Ratner for millions in loans


Russian oligarch and Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich has denied going cap in hand to wealthy US friends for financial help as the impact of state sanctions starts to bite.

His spokesman made the statement after reports emerged in the US claiming that Putin’s former confidante was begging rich contacts including Hollywood director Brett Ratner for £765,000 ($980,000) loans to help him pay his staff after being sanctioned by London and Washington.

The Chelsea Football Club owner, who has been accused in Britain of being a close ally of Putin, had reportedly asked for huge loans from his celebrity friends to maintain his staff, who were said to be costing him £600,000 a week.

Abramovich’s spokesperson denied there was any truth to the report, which was first broken by media outlet Page Six, and insisted they had not been approached for comment.

The spokesperson told radio station City AM that Abramovich had ‘not spoken with, nor asked for funds from these individuals’.

‘We have contacted the originating source Page Six as they did not reach out to us prior to publication,’ they added.

Page Six alleged that Rush Hour director Ratner was among those Abramovich asked, along with members of the Rothschild family as well as other contacts in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. The oligarch was said to have made approaches after his assets in Britain and the US were seized last month. No one is thought to have agreed to give him the money.

A source told the website: ‘Roman is asking some of his closest powerful friends to let him borrow $1million. He is saying he has never missed payroll for his staff, which is $750,000 a week, and with his assets frozen, he can’t pay his people.

‘He has reached out to Hollywood producer and director Brett Ratner and the Rothschild family, among many others, for money, but – while they are good friends with Roman – they have not agreed to give him money, because either they do not have that in liquid cash, or moreover it is not clear what are the repercussions under international law.’

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly pays his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez €100,000 monthly salary


It has been claimed that Manchester United and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo pays his partner Georgina Rodriguez €100,000 per month to fund her lavish lifestyle

The Portuguese striker is one of the best-paid players in world football, having signed a bumper deal when he returned to United in Old Trafford, and earns a staggering £385,000 per week.

According to Catalan publication El Nacional, the €100,000 (£83,000) sum relates to “expenses and care of the children”. The couple had their first child together in late 2017, a daughter named Alana, while Ronaldo has older children from surrogates.

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly pays his girlfriend  Georgina Rodriguez ?100,000 monthly salary

As a stay-at-home mum, Italian publication Corriere dello Sport also claimed that Ronaldo is happy to give 26-year-old Rodriguez a hefty wedge every month as she also looks after surrogate twins Eva and Mateo and Cristiano Jr.

Rodriguez met Ronaldo, who she describes as her “Prince Charming”, in 2016, when she was working at a Gucci store in Madrid, and they have been together since then.

My sack and NURTW Lagos dissolution is laughable – MC Oluomo


Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo has said that his sack as chairman of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Lagos council and dissolution of the council’s executive by the National Administrative Council (NAC) is laughable.

The dissolution statement was jointly signed by NURTW National President, Alhaji Tajudeen Baruwa, and General Secretary, Alhaji Kabiru Ado Ya’u.

Lagos State Council Secretary, Seyi Bankole was also announced as the new head of NURTW in Lagos.

The embattled former NURTW leader who has now reacted to his sack, stated that it is laughable as all the union members in the state have pulled out of the national body.

MC Oluomo maintained that his earlier suspension was unconstitutional and further added that the dissolution has no effect because the activity of the state council has been suspended by the Lagos State government.

He also asked why the NURTW President is acting outside the constitution and hell-bent on destroying the union activities in Lagos just as he did in some states in the Southwest.

Urging members of the union in the state to remain calm, he added that the union members are waiting for the announcement of the Lagos State government on the appointment of park managers in the state.

Oluomo told The Nation;

“That is part of the maladministration of the President that we talked about in our former briefings; the dissolution doesn’t make any sense. However, people must know that we do not have any problem with the national body but the President.

“We’ll be waiting to see how the person appointed to run the affairs of the union will act. The union has already been suspended. Is the national body saying they are more powerful than the state government? Announcing the sack of people already pulled out of the national body is a joke and laughable”

Lagos police command spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, denies Twitter user’s claim that a young boy was chased to his death by police officers who wanted to collect his phone


Lagos police command spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, has reacted to a claim made by a Twitter user that a young boy was killed by trailer while being pursued by police officers who demanded to check his phone

Twitter user @Austynzogs who made the allegation, wrote

”This evening at Festac First Gate,Lagos/Badagry expressway,a Police team was reportedly chasing a young boy to collect his phone, alleging that he is a Yahoo boy. While the boy was trying to escape,an oncoming trailer hit him. Police fled”

Reacting, SP Hundeyin said the allegation is false. According to him, the deceased carelessly crossed the road and was knocked down by the trailer. He said the driver of the trailer also mentioned that the deceased wasn’t being chased by anyone.

Lagos police command spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, denies Twitter user
Lagos police command spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, denies Twitter user
Lagos police command spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, denies Twitter user

Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ shirt to go to auction with £4 million estimated price


The shirt Diego Maradona wore in the game against England when he scored the infamous “Hand of God” goal is expected to be sold for at least £4million at auction.

Maradona scored two of the most memorable goals in World Cup history to knock the Three Lions out at the quarter-final stage in the 1986 tournament in Mexico.

During the quarter-final, the late great former Argentina captain rose above Peter Shilton to punch his side into the lead at the Azteca Stadium and the officials failed to spot that he had handled the ball.

Diego Maradona

At the time, the forward described the goal as being made “a little with the head of Maradona, and a little with the hand of God”.

The mercurial Napoli legend swapped shirts with England midfielder Steve Hodge after the last-eight showdown.

The shirt has been on loan to the National Football Museum in Manchester, but will be on display at Sotheby’s in London for a bidding period between April 20th to May 4th and it will not come cheap.

Brahm Wachter, head of Streetwear and modern collectables at Sotheby’s, said: “The Hand of God is truly a singular moment not only in the history of sports, but in the history of the 20th century.

“The moment resonated far beyond the world of football, coming soon after the Falklands conflict, and has in turn inspired books, films, and documentaries. Maradona is now remembered as one of the greatest to ever play the game of football – and this particular game is an instrumental part of his legacy.

“Of course, not only was ‘The Hand of God’ goal scored in this game, but also, the ‘Goal of the Century’ which is widely considered to be one of the greatest individual goals of all time.”

PHOTOS | Body of CAF/FIFA medical officer, Dr Joseph Kabungo arrives Zambia from Nigeria

The body of late CAF/FIFA medical officer, Dr Joseph Kabungo, who died at the Abuja stadium has arrived his country, Zambia.

The Ethiopian Airlines flight ET873 carrying the body touched down at KKIA in Lusaka on Wednesday afternoon, April 6, together with his family representatives, FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala and four medical doctors who had travelled to Nigeria.

Dr Kabungo died after violence erupted when the final qualifying match between Nigeria and Ghana ended 1-1.

The Zambian official was appointed by the world football governing body, FIFA, as the Doping Control Officer for the match.

Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) denied that Kabungo’s death at the stadium was caused by the stampede at the stadium.

The NFF said its findings show that he “died as a result of sudden cardiac arrest.”

The funeral service will be held at Woodlands stadium on Thursday with burial set for the same day at Memorial Park.

Body of CAF/FIFA medical officer, Dr Joseph Kabungo arrives Zambia from Nigeria
Body of CAF/FIFA medical officer, Dr Joseph Kabungo arrives Zambia from Nigeria
Body of CAF/FIFA medical officer, Dr Joseph Kabungo arrives Zambia from Nigeria

Body of CAF/FIFA medical officer, Dr Joseph Kabungo arrives Zambia from Nigeria
Body of CAF/FIFA medical officer, Dr Joseph Kabungo arrives Zambia from Nigeria

Almost four tonnes of cocaine found in boxes of banana


In one of the biggest cocaine hauls in UK history, authorities have confiscated nearly four tonnes of cocaine found in boxes of bananas in Southampton.

Authorities say it is the largest seizure of the Class A substance in the UK for seven years, according to the Home Office.
The containers recently arrived in the Southampton’s dock from Colombia.
Once the goods arrived, the UK’s Border Force and National Crime Agency (NCA) targeted them for inspection where they discovered more than 3.7 tonnes of cocaine hydrochloride, used to make crack cocaine, concealed within a container of 20 pallets of bananas.

Almost four tonnes of cocaine found in boxes of banana

The white powdery substance estimated to have a value of around £300 million was found on March 17, 2022, authorities said on Wednesday, April 6.
Reacting to the development, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said:
‘This is the largest seizure of cocaine in the UK since 2015. It should serve as a warning to anyone trying to smuggle illegal drugs into the country that we are out to get them.
‘A key focus of our beating crime plan is disrupting the supply chain and relentless pursuit of the criminals peddling these narcotics, making the drugs market a low-reward high risk enterprise.
‘The police and Border Force have my 100% backing to use all available powers to stop devastating drugs from coming into our neighbourhoods and destroying lives.’

The NCA branded the seizure ‘monumental’ and said it denied organised crime groups massive profits.
‘There’s no doubt some of this cocaine would have been cut up and sold across UK streets, feeding crime and misery in our communities’, Peter Stevens, the organisation’s regional head of investigations, said.

Kenyan-based doctors design device to ease menstrual pain


A team of medical experts in Nairobi, Kenya, has designed an innovative device that helps ease menstrual pains.

NTV Kenya said Wednesday, April 6, that the device, which is already in circulation at a moderate price has leads that are connected to some sticky pads called electrodes, which help deliver small electrical impulses to the painful area of a woman’s body and subsequently ease the pain.

One of the leading innovators of the device, who is also the chief executive and co-founder of Swift Wellness, Peter Arina, said watching his friend struggle with menstrual pain prompted him to devise a solution.

Arina said: “The device has leads connected to sticky pads called electrodes. To relieve pain, you attach the pads directly to your skin and turn the device on. The pads will deliver small electrical impulses to the area in pain.”

According to the innovators, the electrical impulses are capable of reducing the pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain, which may help relieve pain and relax muscles. They may also stimulate the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

The health informatics expert reveals that the device’s working mechanism is inspired by a science called gateway control theory, which dictates that in the human body, an external impulse is given priority over an internal impulse.

During menstruation, the pain from the menstrual periods is the internal impulse, and it travels all the way to the brain such that when you place the electrodes and the impulse transmission starts, the external impulse is sent to the brain, which forces it to focus on the external impulse, thereby reducing pain from the abdomen.

A co-author of the invention and general practitioner at Karen Hospital, Dr Jane Wavinya said: “During menstrual periods, there are hormones produced called prostaglandins that cause pain. Pain is also caused by uterine contractions and ischaemia, which results from a mechanism where the blood vessels in the uterus constrict, reducing blood supply to the uterus.”

She noted that women with a tendency to produce more blood clots are also predisposed to more pain because the uterus has to contract more to expel these blood clots. She explains that besides disrupting the pain pathway to the brain, the electrical stimulation also stimulates the production of endorphins, the feel-good hormones which relieve pain and boost moods.

“We have sold 207 units so far. We have received orders in the evenings from clients who are stuck to their seats because of the pain. We have made deliveries at night, and we have had to deal with clients agitated because of pain,” Mr Arina added.

A physiotherapist at Aga Khan University Hospital, Dr Irene Onyimbo, says the mechanism used by the device is safe and similar to the devices they use to manage pain in physiotherapy.

“We use Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation technology to treat body pains,” she says.

Although it is safe for most people, experts recommend that pregnant women should avoid using TENS in the abdominal and pelvic regions while applying electrodes to the head or neck of people with epilepsy as this could induce seizures.

People with heart problems and those with another type of electrical implant should also avoid it. The duration of pain relief after using the TENS unit can vary.

Some people may experience pain as soon as they switch off the device while others experience adequate relief for up to 24 hours. Children and teenagers under 16 are exempt from using the device, and it cannot be used underwater.

The device comes with a manual, its electrodes and a charger. Its battery lasts for six hours if used continuously and it has to be charged fully before use.

“Use it for 30 minutes, take a one-hour break, and use it again depending on your pain. Pressing on the M (mode) button, you can adjust the frequency depending on your pain. You can use it at work, working out, and even while sleeping,” Dr Wavinya said.

Biological men should not compete in female sports events – Boris Johnson


The prime minister of the UK, Boris Johnson has weighed into the row over transgender rights saying biological males should not be allowed to compete in female-only sports events.

The UK leader said that parents should have ‘involvement at the very least’ in decisions made by children to alter their gender as transgender rights groups continue to spread their valued around the Western world..

Johnson’s comments come as the government faces a backlash for excluding transgender people from a ban on conversion therapy.

Conversion therapy is the pseudoscientific practice of attempting to change an individual’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual or their gender identity from transgender to cisgender using psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions.

Biological men should not compete in female sports events - Boris Johnson

The UK was forced to cancel an LGBT+ conference in response to changes to a promised ban on all conversion therapy, after more than 100 charities pulled out.

Speaking during a visit to a hospital in Welwyn Garden City on Wednesday, April 6, the Prime Minister said there are still things to be worked out, and that he was ‘sad’ at the reaction of the organisations involved.

‘I don’t think that it’s reasonable for kids to be deemed so-called Gillick-competent to take decisions about their gender or irreversible treatments that they may have. I think there should be parental involvement at the very least.’

‘I don’t think that biological men should be competing in female sporting events’.
He also defended the decision to exclude transgender people from the conversion therapy ban, despite backlash from some of his own MPs.
‘We will have a ban on gay conversion therapy, which to me is utterly abhorrent.

‘But there are complexities and sensitivities when you move from the area of sexuality to the question of gender. There, I’m afraid, there are things that I think still need to be worked out.’

The PM added that women should have spaces in hospitals, prisons and changing rooms which were ‘dedicated to women’.

‘That’s as far as my thinking has developed on this issue. If that puts me in conflict with some others, then we have got to work it all out,’ he said.

‘That doesn’t mean that I’m not immensely sympathetic to people who want to change gender, to transition.

‘It’s vital that we give people the maximum possible love and support in making those decisions.
‘But these are complex issues and I don’t think they can be solved with one swift, easy piece of legislation. It takes a lot of thought to get this right.’

PHOTOS | Mentally-ill woman gives birth to baby girl in front of TV station in Anambra

A woman said to be mentally challenged gave birth in front of the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) Awka on Wednesday, April 6.

It was gathered that staff of ABS came to work in the morning to see her in the delivery process and they helped to deliver the baby girl weighing 3.2 kg.

The woman was described as a resident of the area because she sleeps and wakes up at the bus stand in front of ABS on a daily basis.

All efforts by staff of the establishment to ascertain where she came from proved abortive as she often became violent whenever she is approached.

A staff of ABS, Mrs Eucharia Nwachukwu who helped in the delivery process said she was alerted and immediately rushed to the bus stand only to discover that the lady had put to bed with the help of some women but joined them to help her deliver the placenta.

The Chief Medical Director Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital, Amaku Awka, Dr Josephat Akabuike explained that he received a call from a staff of ABS, alerting him of the development and he immediately detailed his nurses to the scene.

Dr Akabuike added that the new mother is presently in their custody but wondered how long she will stay in the hospital since no one knows her identity.

The lady in question who gave her name as Hope Eze, claimed she hails from Cote d’Voir while her mother is from Imo state.

She claimed not be aware that she was pregnant until she started having contractions.

Hope told ABS that she was lured by woman who promised to take her abroad but she later discovered the said lady is a prostitute.

Mentally-ill woman gives birth to baby girl in front of TV station in Anambra
Mentally-ill woman gives birth to baby girl in front of TV station in Anambra
Mentally-ill woman gives birth to baby girl in front of TV station in Anambra
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