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A Russian girl who hacked off her lover’s head, hands and genitals ‘in a Satanic ritual’ after he died in a BDSM sex game has been jailed for manslaughter.

21-year-old Anastasia Beloshapkina cut up the body of her lover, Dmitry Sinkevich, severing his head and genitals, amid suspicions of a gruesome Satanic ritualistic


She also cut off his lips with a kitchen knife, severed his cheeks, butchered his limbs, fingers and toes, and gouged out his insides.

Dmitry Sinkevich died from asphyxiation in a ‘rough sex session’ in the flat the couple shared in the Russian city of Oryol.

A judge at Severny District Court in the city jailed Anastasia Beloshapkina for ten years after she was convicted of manslaughter and ‘abusing the body of the deceased’ in a closed-door trial.


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