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A Nigerian man has written an enlightening piece on how to stay safe in Nigeria, especially amidst the increasing rate of insecurity across the country.

According to the man, the people closest to you are the ones that should be watched the most and rapt attention should be given to this set of people since they understand your weak points and movements and likely to divulge such information to outsiders who then come in to attack you.

He gave a long list on how to stay safe in Nigeria and it is quite informative.


Dear All,

With the excessive rate of kidnapping and armed robbery in Nigeria today.For our personal safety and security , Those closest to you are the most likely to know your weak points and are more likely to be tempted to do you harm. Until we get a proper public security system, you have to greatly supplement yours by being proactive.

1. Did you register the Maid, Drivers, Nannies, etc., in your homes with the relevant agencies such as the Police or Neighbourhood Vigilante/Security groups?

2. Do you have the photographs of your Domestic Staff?

3. Do you attend your Estate / Street meetings or are you so reserved that you have no relationship with your neighbours and too busy to attend meetings?

4. Do you have a WhatsApp group for residents only for emergency messages such as when a neighbour is being attacked or robbed, a fire incident, a neighbour is critically ill and needs urgent help and other emergencies?

5. Do you know that your Cook, Nanny, Driver, Steward, Maid, day care center handlers or lesson teacher, etc., could be HIV positive? He / She can have Hepatitis B or even tuberculosis?

6. What will it cost you to do a medical test for them before you employ them?

7. It is your life that is in danger if you engage a sick victim without knowing their medical history.

8. That house help you get yearly from an agent, have you ever bothered to check where the agent lives or whatever job he does?

9. Do you know the house help he gives you could be a thief, hired killer or kidnapper?

10. Do you know that your personal Driver could be a wanted person by the Police in another State for theft or kidnapping? Have you done a check on him with the Police and do you have a 5×7 photograph of him?

11. Never allow your daughters get too familiar with Drivers. Especially when they are below 16 years of age.

12. Drivers must never be allowed to take your children to school alone. There must always be a female adult in the car.

13. Do you know that your Driver could be hypertensive, have Hbp, poor eye sight or he could have an enlarged heart and not fit to drive?

14. Is your security guard a citizen or a foreigner from Niger, Chad or Benin Republic? How did/can you confirm that? If he is a foreigner, is he registered by the requisite organization and eligible to work here?

15. Never talk about money transactions or cost of your jewelries or valuables in the presence of your Domestic Staff.

16. If possible, never allow house help clean up your room when you are not at home. It is a time they search your room to know where valuable things are kept and waiting for the right time/opportunity to operate and run away.

17. Most theft incidents usually have in-house informants. Please note that the longer your Domestic Staff work with you, the more dangerous they can be.

18. Are you aware that the Domestic Staff monitor your movement? It is good to monitor your Domestic Staff – do you do same? Sometimes go home or office when they least expect you.

19. You must always ensure that all gates leading into your house is checked and secured every night.

20. Criminals are deadly, as they wait for a time to strike when you least expect and they are hardly ever thought to be the suspect.

21. Get a CCTV system installed in your home and monitor it at intervals – even if it is a quick/fast replay after work hours.

Being conscious of your environment helps your safety. Let’s improve our security consciousness.



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