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A proud single mum beat the ill talks of family and friends, shows off her newly built mansion to celebrate her birthday.

The Nigerian proud single mum with Instagram handle, @dato_sharon_cross took to her page to show off her Birthday gift to herself; a new mansion. She shared pictures of the building with caption;

My birthday gift from me to me💓💞❤💗💖💋💸
When life throw me into a single motherhood, Alot of people laugh at me 🤣she thinks is easy to rise kids👈she thinks she knows everything 👈she never see anything 👈 some say she couldn’t stay married cos she is wise 👈 some say she couldn’t stay married cos God is not with me💃💃☝when I have little issues with people next statement🤣 that is the reason you are not married🤪 no man will marry you😜 I put my all my trust in God he has never failed me non disappoint me🙏🙏
I stayed focused and channel all my love to my kids💯💯 always believing God to see me through 🙏🙏🙏now I got all the love i seek from my kids
No matter all that happened
I didn’t give up on love and marriage💃💃 I think i am ready now💯ready for a home
Please tell people😍 who will people😍 and they will tell people😍😍 that I am now a landlord.. This is just the beginning another one loading🙏🙏💯 still on my birthday ….💃💃💃💃💃i own it all to God who made it so possible💯💯💯 Proudsinglemom💃💃the bag is secured for America and Paris #ARABQUEEN

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