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A social media user has stated that the Olabisi Onabanjo University, OOU is the headquarters of the activities of Yahoo Boys in Nigeria.
The Nigerian lady identified has @ebunjaspa96 shared a post oTwitter, in which she suggested that the tertiary institution has a very high count of internet fraudsters in the country.
According to her, if anyone attends the Onabisi Onabanjo University and does not get involved with practicing ‘yahoo yahoo’, then such person has a high resistance level for immoralities that would prevent future possibilities of ever perpetrating the crime.

“If you are in OOU and you didn’t do yahoo yahoo till you graduate, my brother forget it, There’s nothing that will make you do Yahoo in life.” she said.

While reacting to her opinion, some Nigerians on the platform also supported her claims
So true ma’am, I had lot of friends doing it and were comfortable but I never saw it as an option. So anytime I think abt it, the thing just doesn’t move me” one Michael Naya said

Nas said:

When i was in oou, most of my hall mates did it but just wondering why i never had interest in it. Oou is wild and fun.

Then someone said LAUTECH can also make the list:

Unilag the learn from OOU and Lautech. My Hall mate at ayegbami kept saying his 1st car must come from yahoo


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