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Yesterday Eniola Adenuga’s baby mama accused him of using police officers to intimidate and forcefully take custody of their 4-year-old daughter despite court granting her temporary custody.

Ms Damilola Ogun and her child’s father Eniola Adenuga are in the midst of a custody battle for their daughter but Ms Damilola says her child’s father hasn’t been respecting the court order which granted her interim custody and granted him visitation rights.

She accused her child’s father of storming her family home this morning with at least 25 police officers to forcefully take their child. When her family tried to fight for her and prevent them from taking the child, the officers allegedly strangled Damilola’s mum, handcuffed her brother, tied Damilola up, then took the child.

However, the child’s father revealed that he took custody of their daughter because her mother wasn’t giving her the best care, just to spite him, and the child had been away from school for months.

He said the child’s body was always bruised and she looked malnourished. He went on to share photos of his child’s bruised body as proof.

He said: “My child hasn’t been in school in 6 months. She’s malnourished. The mum said she’ll rather kill the child than give the child to me.

“She was pulling her hand as if they wanted to pull her hand from the socket. Her brother started attacking me so the police had to handcuff him.”

Mr Eniola Adenuga also shared a court order from the High Court in Lagos State which gave permission for the Nigerian Police Force to rescue the child if not returned to him. Mr Eniola said the police had to employ force because Damilola and her family put up a fight and ripped his clothes.

Below are screenshots of the court order.


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