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Fast-rising music duo, Andrew Omokhudu, aka Bionic, and Daniel Omokhudu, popularly known as Apex, are known on stage as AB. The duo recently released their collaboration with Tubaba, titled, ‘For Your Matter’.

During a chat with Saturday Beats, they explained that doing music became the only option for them in life even though they believe the talent is inborn.

“We grew up in Benin City (in Edo State) in an area called Central Road. That is a neighbourhood you wouldn’t want your son to grow up in. Though it is not the most dangerous part of the state, it has its share of violence and gang issues,” said Bionic, who is the older of the duo.

He continued, “Growing up in that neighbourhood was rough with a lot of gangs and violence. For us to stay true to our nature, we created our path by doing music to stay away from the street drama and we also had a lot of fun doing something positive with our lives. There were not really a lot of positive things to get involved in so music was an escape route from the streets and all the violence that we witnessed. I can say we chose music because it saved us from the negative influences around us.”

Not exactly rookies on the block, AB started music in 2010 and released their debut single in 2014, titled ‘Tell Them’ and followed it up with another one in 2015, titled ‘Oshere’. In 2016, the group released a ten-track album called ‘Nothing to Something’. The EP boasts of songs like ‘Mayan’, ‘Call Me’, ‘Get Down, featuring Uhuru and DJ Maphorisa, and so on.

Their latest work, according to the duo, is their most exhilarating moment yet and it was with the legendary award-winning hip hop star, Tubaba, titled ‘For Your Matter’. The song dropped on iTunes on June 1, 2019.

“Best moment so far in music was recording with 2baba; it was a night of lots of knowledge and excitement. It was a memorable experience,” Apex said.

Speaking about their music and why they decided to stick together instead of going their separate ways, Apex said, “Music is a hobby and it’s the only way we know how to express our true feelings and experiences. So, when we had to choose a career path, we couldn’t stand the idea of working for someone, plus we find it easier to talk in music and express through music. It’s like a language for us.”



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