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Osagie Osarenkhoe, a popular talent manager in the Nigerian music industry has just shared a disturbing experience she had and she ended up getting punched in the face.

According to her, ‘yesterday, Saturday 21st September 2019, I experienced what so many women have been through, what we all pray never to encounter. less than 3mins away from my street, this man Owolabi (@owosaga07) suddenly stopped his car, in front of me, to speak to a pedestrian’.

She went on to say, ‘few seconds later, they were still talking and smiling. I honked, still no movement, brought my window down, beckoning on them to pls move to the side so I could be on my way.

Talent manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe share details of how she was

The pedestrian ‘Mojeed’ responded, I took my window back up and waited, still nothing. I got out of the car, to speak to the driver @owosaga07 since ‘Mojeed’ wasn’t helpful. As I got to him, upset obviously, I asked him to pls move so we could go, he asked why I was in a hurry and told me he wasn’t going to move till he was done.

I told them they were both acting stupid and like kids and I was ready to wait with them too. I went to my car and started my first ever IG Live. The driver, Owosaga, got out of the car, came to my car window, banging, insisting I repeated what I said to him, I wound down to tell him it was not serious, he noticed me recording, then boom! he punched me on my cheek, heavy blow, don’t know how I managed to fight him and ‘Mojeed’ off as they kept trying to get into my car, to pull me out and grab my phone.

My husband (@osa_seven) showed up just before it got out of hand. All necessary reports have been filed, although he @owosaga07 assured me that I couldn’t do anything about the situation or to him. He forced me to delete the photos on my phone but thankfully someone was able to save a bit of my IG live.




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