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An unidentified lady has taken to Twitter to solicit advice from Nigerians after her friend attacked her for accepting a phone gift from her dad without her consent.

According to the lady, the whole ‘palava’ began when her friend’s dad invited her over with some other friends for lunch at Sheraton hotel.

During the lunch, they introduced themselves and the man caught a glimpse of the ‘ugly’ phone she was using at the time. She used a rubber band to hold the parts together so it doesn’t fall off.

He asked to get her a new phone, in the presence of his daughter. She accepted and they ate at the hotel till they got tired.

Subsequently, the man drifted to sail on a different ship, as he began to ask for another date; a request which she declined.

She, however, informed her friend about the recent development, but her friend was not willing to hear her out, because she hid the fact that he got her a new phone from her.

Read their chats below;