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A pastor identified as Pastor Uche was disgraced after he snatched a mother of two, Ms Rosemary from her man who is based in Italy and also for stealing his property that was left in the care of his wife.

In an exclusive interview with Nasoweseeamonline Mr Elvis Walter revealed that about a year ago, Ms Rosemary travelled to her mother’s village in Delta State, Nigeria, with their two children, daughter 6 and boy 4 years, with the excuse of ‘changing environment’ for a while.

According to Mr Elvis, it was rumoured that the mother of his children Ms Rosemary was having an affair with a man over there in her mother’s village, he immediately called her on the phone and instructed her to return back to their home he rented before travelling to Italy, but Rosemary mother and brother insisted that she stayed a few more days so they could look into the matter.

The matter was resolved and she returned home, but the mother of two Ms Rosemary started keeping late nights, when he asks her, she told him it was a church night vigil, until a few months ago she came back from one of the night vigils and packed her belongings including Mr Elvis’ personal properties such as Tv set, Rug, generator and all the furniture in the house, and took it to Pastor Uche’s house.

Mr Elvis told Nasoweseeamonline that he wasn’t bothered about it initially because Rosemary had introduced Pastor’s Elvis wife to him, unknowingly to him that was not his wife but his sister. ‘They fooled me’ said Mr Elvis.

A few months after that, Elvis said he was unable to reach Rosemary and their children on the telephone, upon a thorough search for them, he discovered that Ms Rosemary dropped their children with her mother at the village, they stopped going to school.

Elvis says he tried every means possible to get pastor Uche’s mobile number, he then called him to ask why he would keep a married woman in his house without her husband’s content, the pastor warned him, insulted him and put it clear to him that Ms Rosemary’s family are aware of their relationship.

It was gathered that Pastor Uche was expelled from his church after his illicit affair with Ms Rosemary was discovered.

Thereafter, pastor Uche alongside Ms Uche conspired and petitioned Mr Elvis and his family at the police station, it was easy for the police to take sides with them because pastor Uche’s brother works at the police station.

Elvis told Nasoweseeamonline that when he finally got in touch with Rosemary on the telephone because he wanted to know why she abandoned him, but especially why she abandoned their two little kids and for a pastor, she just met, also to convince her to return home.

In Elvis’ words;

She cut my calls later to tell me she’s getting married to the pastor and I should not disturb her, if I want to get in touch with my kids I should go to the village or buy my little baby phone, that if not through her no one will take care of those kids that she will give me account number, that’s why I took to social media so the world can know that things also happened this way.

Apparently, the man is in distress, he told us they planed his travelling to Europe together in 2017, he wanted to settle down first before inviting them over to Italy where he lives, that he has been looking after them very well ever since he travelled.

Mr Elvis shared some before and after crisis photos of the kids with us, we can confirm that the before photos are much better than the after crisis photos.

He also shared with us photos of the kids in their new school (we decided not to share it with the public because of children’s right and protection)

See some family photos below;

Ms Rosemary and the kids
Mr Elvis and his son before he travelled out of the country
Elvis and Rosemary back in Nigeria

Watch the video where the pastor was disgrace below;