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Juli Briskman whose hand gesture circulated around the web in 2017, prompting her to lose her employment with an administration contractual worker has been chosen for nearby office in Virginia.

Briskman was terminated from her job for raising her Middle finger at Donald Trump’s motorcade has been chosen for nearby office in Virginia.

The single parent won over 52% of the vote to be chosen region agent in Loudoun district.

At the state level, US Democrats have held onto full control of the Virginia council.

Democrats make key gains in Virginia and Kentucky.

An image of Ms Briskman cycling and “flipping off” President Trump’s motorcade as it passed her spread over the web in October 2017.

Not long after, Ms Briskman utilized the picture as a profile picture on her Twitter handle.

Her manager, Akima LLC, said the picture was “prurient” and “revolting” and terminated her for abusing its internet-based life strategies, she told the Huffington Post.

Ms Briskman had allegedly been filling in as a showcasing expert for the administration temporary worker for a half year, however, said she didn’t regret making the motion.

On Tuesday night, Ms Briskman praised her political decision in a tweet connecting to the culpable picture.