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A Twitter user with the handle @Hail_2The_V has narrated how a male friend proposed to his girlfriend to shut her up.

According to her, she had congratulated the guy on his engagement and he replied by telling her that he only did it to shut his girlfriend up. He even told her that he is not looking to do a wedding at the moment.

The young lady further stated that the guy had no problem revealing the truth in front of her colleague.

“Congratulated dude on the engagement and he replied “yeh I had to give her a lil ting to shut her up…don’t look for no wedding right now”……I hope the good lord stays looking out and don’t have me out here looking foolish thinking I’m in love🙏🏾😩”,

Sadly ALOT of women are in love with men that don’t like them. As a matter of fact, a lot of ppl in relationships with ppl they don’t even really like. What a shame😪😪

Mind you he had no problem saying it in front of my coworker who doesn’t even know him….I just shook my head and told him to get it together..”, she tweeted.