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FUTA students have gone after the boy who ganged up with about 4 girls to beat a 100 level female student.

In the shocking video of the assault, the boy is seen slapping the girl multiples times and flogging her with a cable, allegedly because she disrespected his school daughter. Read here

The other female students in the group also flogged the girl – whose name has been given as Bolu – and they attempted to take off her shirt.

The video generated outrage and students went after the boy who led the assault.

In the video, the students are seen asking for the boy when they arrived at his hostel. A FUTA security van can also be seen in front of the building.

“Give me that boy abeg. Na that boy I want,” students demanded angrily.

According to FUTA students, the boy and one of the girls involved in the assault have been arrested. A mob of angry students are reportedly waiting outside the police station to see how far the case will go.

Below is a video of students going after the boy before his arrest