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Ali Ndume, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Army has stated that there is nothing wrong in regulating social media in the country.
Mr Mohammed Sani Musa proposed the Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulations Bill. He says it aims to curb the spread of false news.
The bill has passed its second reading at the Senate but Nigerians have expressed outrage, stating that it is aimed at gagging the press and infringing on the expression rights of individuals.
Senator Ndume, however, disagrees with this view, he said on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics that he feels “there is nothing wrong in having social media bill”.

Ndume who stated clearly that he is not saying freedom of speech should be muzzled, noted, however, that people should be held responsible for what they say or do.
The lawmaker believed that there should be a kind of law that controls or guides the way people express themselves on social media. He added that “anything in this world that has no control can be disastrous”.


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