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Uche Edochie, one of the sons of veteran actor Pete Edochie, has narrated his battle with Covid-19, which he says felt like he was “dying”.
Uche said curing Covid-19 costs a fortune in Nigeria and is probably the reason why many die from it.
He explained that the Covid-19 isolation treatment facility he was admitted to charges 350,000 Naira per day and he spent 6 million Naira treating the disease. He added that he knows someone who spent 17 million Naira to treat Covid-19.
He explained that when he initially became sick, he thought it was malaria and so was treating malaria. By the time he realized he wasn’t getting better and was diagnosed with Covid-19, 80 per cent of his lungs were damaged.
He explained that he felt like he was dying and waking up over and over again while on hospital admission.
He said he’s recovering now but his lungs will take months to heal completely.
He called on the government to invest in more affordable treatment for Covid-19, otherwise more people will die from the disease.
Read his story below.


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