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Kachi Ucheagwu, a former participant in the reality TV show, Ultimate Love, has spoken about love and money.

The reality TV star said that having money is not a guarantee that one would have a successful relationship.

He told Sunday Scoop, “Money cannot buy true love. I know a friend who sponsored his fiancée through school. He was there for her and her family. At the end of the day, she abandoned him for another man.
“The guy had money but she did not stay because money was not enough to keep her. She must have probably seen some things she could not work with. That was why they did not end up together.

“There are cases of both women and men whose spouses are wealthy but they are not getting the desired attention or love. This makes them to seek the desired attention elsewhere. One can decide to ‘bankroll’ a person but if their heart belongs somewhere else, nothing can stop them from leaving. They would just hang around for what they can benefit from the person.”

On the qualities he wants in a woman, he said, “I desire my woman to be God-fearing, industrious, knowledge driven, a go-getter, have a sense of humour and be my confidant.”

Speaking on his recent projects, he said, “I have been working on different projects. First, I leveraged the business I was involved in prior to the show, which was mainly importation. I was able to raise some funds and I invested in an aspect of real estate. I recently added a beauty salon to the number of businesses I have.

“My decision to go into real estate was inspired by my passion and desire to be successful without getting involved in fraud. On the show, I divided my goals into short-term, medium and long-term. Since the money came earlier, I decided to start from somewhere.

“I am not from a wealthy home, so, I have a burning desire to be better than my father because I really want them (my parents) to be proud of me.”


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